The next 106 days will fly by. 106 days left of my season of singleness. In the next 3 hours, it’s going to be 105! My prayer for the next few months is to slow down and enjoy it all. I want to be aware of what the Lord is showing me. I want to see how he’s preparing my heart for marriage and the significance of it all. I want to walk into marriage equipped.

The next few months are also going to be filled with DIY crafts! I have a list if all the things I want to make for the wedding. It’ll be my ultimate DIY project. Hopefully, it’ll be a time full of life and richness instead of stress.

I have 7 weeks left until my lease ends in Norman. That means 7 weeks left of discipleship, 7 weeks of my weekly Goodwill trips, 7 weeks left of work, and 7 weeks of meeting up with Norman friends. Ashley Nguyen and I are planning on meeting every week. She has voiced her desire to grow in the Lord, and I am determined to walk with her in these next few weeks. We will probably go through a book together, though I don’t know which one yet. I admire her vulnerability and her willingness to learn and grow. I haven’t seen that in a while.

Every Friday night, David goes to church and we skip a night of talking. Before, if David was going to do something without me, I would feel uneasy and jealous. But now, it brings me joy because he needs community and friends beyond being with me all the time! It’s great to know that he desires to go to church and create relationships/biblical community. It’s cool to see our relationship move from a selfish, self-centered relationship (a year ago) to a God-glorifying, healthy relationship. I love seeing the Lord’s blessing upon our relationship. Every step of the way, we have seen His approval. I pray that we will continuously surrender the foolish things of this world and cast our eyes on everything that is of Him. To see that everything on earth is merely a shadow of the greatness that is to come.