David and Suzi, after 5 years!

David and Suzi

We are currently living in South Seattle. We’ve been married for over 7 years! Throughout the week, you’ll find us hanging out at home with our friends, working out, and being a part of our church community. A good weekend consists of a productive morning, brunch somewhere like the London Plane or the Barking Frog, walking around the city, and a coffeeshop like Ada’s or Caffe Vita.

In mid-2018, we welcomed our first daughter into the family. So now we spend a lot of time hanging out with her and introducing her to new things, and I drink about twice as much coffee as before. I briefly considered buying davidandsuzi.family.


David no longer tweets under @davidchizzle, but still codes on Github as davidchang, has a Facebook, and puts career related things on LinkedIn. He got his start with content publishing in high school on Xanga, but that is far too embarrassing to link here. You can email him at dchang.me at gmail.com.

He currently works as a front end engineer at Airbnb; past companies include Facebook, TUNE, and Amazon.

Technologies he enjoys:

  • React, React Native
  • TypeScript
  • Node

Some things he’s done:

  • working on internal tools for Airbnb’s trust and safety agents to mitigate fraud
  • developed Facebook’s web-based TV Apps
  • presented this meetup talk at SeattleJS about optimizing React/Redux apps
  • developed the TUNE marketing console
  • came up with ngReact, a library to render React components within Angular apps (2k+ stars on Github)
  • lived in San Francisco proper for a few months, in North Panhandle, which meant many runs through Golden Gate Park
  • held these jobs in high school: Arby’s cashier, sound technician
  • held these jobs in college: dishwasher, musician, RA, tutor, and web developer
  • a few full marathons (Seattle Marathon, Seattle Rock n Roll)
  • read a whole bunch of Tim Keller books


Suzi has a normal instagram and a Mom instagram, and has posted on a private Nora account every day of Nora’s life. Nora keeps her busy basically all the time, but Suzi still has grand creative aspirations. After graduating with a music degree from the University of Oklahoma, she moved to Seattle and spent time working in accounts payable at a small cruise company as well as currently being a secretary at a small family law firm. Some of her creative interests include graphic design, photography, and calligraphy. Besides that, she has invested much time growing the women’s ministry at our church as well as volunteering at a juvenile detention center with REST.

She doesn’t blog here a lot.