Maybe it’s the deliriously ambitious state I’m in or the sobering realization that everything is about to happen, but I’m putting this post together through fatigue, stress, and joy.

First off - I’m blown away by the love and support of Suzi and my friends, who have come from the edges of the nation and worked tirelessly, even more so than myself. Their persistence and kindness is unparalleled by any other point in my life and I am intensely proud to say these are my friends and that, in a non-heretical way, I would really trust my life with them. I know their hearts and their continuous prayers and tangibly see their live by their service and encouragement. Many people worked for hours on small tasks which they hated, and even now as I type, there is a fleet of helpers working voluntarily, late into the night. And I must say - I’m tremendously impressed by such a high scale wedding that Suzi and her family can put together.

In many regards, I’m amazed and surprised by what they’ve come up with and can take no credit for what I am certain will be an amazing wedding, despite the chaos leading to that 30 minute ceremony and few hour reception.

It’s great to see the intersection of many of my past communities, to see complete strangers get along and have a good time, despite such different backgrounds. I really am proud of my friends and I hope they know that. It’s why I make it a point to praise them, though I hope that doesn’t take anything from the glorification of God alone.

Additionally - I’m blown away by the people that’ve been assembled. My groomsmen are each awesome in what they do and represent crucial parts of my life. Our musicians practically have me singing down the aisle. As my mom warned, our flower girls will probably steal the show. Our officiant is a greatly gifted speaker that has seen Suzi and my relationship through its very lowest and highest. The people we gather with have seen both where we’ve come from and where we’re going and know that it’s nothing short of the work of God that we can finalize this marriage covenant. It is most certainly a celebration - not of Suzi or me, but of Christ Himself - and we pray it will be a sweet smelling aroma, a worship set of genuine praise.

I’ve had a great time meeting Suzi’s family, playing with the kids, eating papaya salad, and preparing for the wedding together. It’s been quite joyful and I am truly grateful to be welcomed into the family as I have been.

Finally, I look forward (and even in disbelief) to knowing that August 25th has finally come. While things have certainly been quite chaotic and stressful, and I am afraid I may not savor the moment as much as I can, I can’t wait to be married, to be beautifully united to my wife in all things. I can’t wait to hit the hotel suite and sleep for days. I can’t wait to kiss her and to her I love her. I can’t wait to move to Seattle, introduce her to my condo, and take her to all of the places I’ve been eagerly waiting to show her. And lastly, I can’t wait to see what God does in and through and for and to us.

There is nothing greater than the love of Christ.