David has been telling me to write a post on the website for the past few weeks now, and I hope it makes him really happy when he finds that I have posted 3!

I think it’s always fun when people confess entertaining little secrets, so I’ll share some of mine!

Confession #1: When David and I broke up last year, I would check up on how he was doing by going on his blog. One day when I accidentally ran into him at the Huff, we caught up on life and he told me that he started a new blog. I secretly memorized it and checked it everyday. Totally not creepy at all.

Confession #2: A couple years ago, I took one of David’s jackets… And it is in my closet to this day.

Confession #3: I’m glad David has different glasses now because I always thought the glasses he had before was too small for his head. Sorry David :/

Confession #4: The reason why it takes me so long to blog is because I struggle with using proper grammar. Why is English so hard lol

Confession #5: I think David is a robot because his baby pictures look too perfect.

This is all for now. Can’t confess it all in one night! ;)