Hey guys - I’m back in Washington, getting a post in between climbing and work. It’s Friday, which means Friday night fellowship and a Japanese themed after-dinner from Lisa… which means that I will be thinking about tonight all day. But anyways - I had a truly great time in Oklahoma this past weekend, so I thought I would get in a quick recap for nostalgic purposes.

Wednesday (5/2) - I flew back to Oklahoma, sitting on the plane next to a couple who had been married for 62 years. They gave me some advice. I got back around 6:30 and my mom and I went to a newly opened Vietnamese restaurant (that opened right next to China Star, a restaurant I grew up on, that had recently closed down :/)

Thursday (5/3) - I hit a run at Holland Hall and saw my old computer science teacher, Mr. Ford. The weather was brutal. Suzi came back and we went shopping briefly for engagement picture clothes, then went to Chance Hawkin’s wedding! At Camp Loughridge. Then a reception following at a different site downtown. Then a little more shopping.

Friday (5/4) - Suzi and I did our Target registry, finished more last minute shopping (we’re either terribly inefficient, or trying to buy all of the clothes I failed to buy over the past few years), then rushed down to Siloam Springs, Arkansas, about a two hour drive, where we met with a photographer named Miles Witt Boyer. Suzi’s cousin and maid of honor, Kaley, showed up as well, and we were able to have dinner afterwards at a Thai place. The photo shoot was about 2 hours long, cut off a little short by rain. Suzi was laughing nonstop for about the first twenty minutes, but both of us really did have a good time and were really glad that we went with Miles. We drove back to Tulsa and even had enough time to buy our wedding bands (okay, it really only took like 15 minutes).

Saturday (5/5) - Breakfast with Suzi’s brother, Peter, which was good because I never really got to know him. Afterwards, my mom and sister went over to meet with Suzi’s family for a wedding planning session, which I think was pretty productive (I hope). It was good to see our families work together and interact. Suzi and I then went to do a registry at Macy’s, buy a charcoal suit at Men’s Wearhouse, do our registry at Bed, Bath, and Beyond, then pack up and leave for Norman. Once we got there, we met up with Dallas and Hannah at Braum’s for dinner/ice cream, then rushed over to meet a few people from our Epic Bible study to watch Avengers! And it was pretty good, but we didn’t get out until 12:30am. Suzi and I went back to Camelot (my old apartment with Joey, Drew, and Paul) to hang out, then I took Suzi back to her apartment. Joey and I then talked past 4 in the morning.

Sunday (5/6) - College Life at Wildwood! Suzi spoke on a panel of graduating seniors, giving advice to everyone else. I actually really enjoyed what Suzi had to say and really thought it was worth saying, and vulnerable at the same time. It was great to see how far she has come over the past four years and how she has really made an effort to become a part of a community - this year alone, Suzi led worship nearly every Sunday, attended two ministry retreats, and went to Nicaragua over spring break with College Life. That, on top of weekly discipleship and Bible study through Wildwood (not to mention one through Epic). I’ve been really impressed. After church, we went back to Suzi’s to pack my suitcases with her stuff, then we parted ways. I had lunch at Asian Buffet with James, then hung out with Drew and Paul briefly before heading back.

Monday (5/7) - I woke up early and climbed, and then was so exhausted that I was basically unproductive all day. I went home and slept at 6:30pm and didn’t wake up until 6:30am.

And that is the story of our weekend! Exciting stuff :) I’ll try to get Suzi to post on here.